NHS FPX5003 Assessment 1 Identifying Community Health Needs

Capella University

The primary duty of health professionals across the world is to give sufficient service to society by offering evidence-based learning, disclosing health occurrences, and giving health improvement and disease preventative emphasis. It is crucial to fully comprehend the demographics and the way each region may be serviced…………..See More

NHS FPX5004 Assessment 1 Nursing Leadership Comparison

Capella University

All healthcare organizations depend on the leadership skills of nurses to help the growing population of depression patients to cope with the difficult time. These circumstances after COVID-19 makes it indispensable for nursing leaders to step in and use their unique qualities to meet healthcare objectives……….See More

MBA FPX5010 Assessment 1 Training-Accounting Tools and Practices

Capella University

The knowledge of commonly used accounting tools is vital for the newly hired managers including the income statement and the balance sheet. The new district manager sees the need for training to create balance sheets and which elements go into it to train the new employees. This report aims to develop a training manual……….See More

MHA FPX5006 Assessment 1 Nursing Leadership Comparison

Capella University

It is considered mandatory for almost all healthcare organizations to have an operational budget plan. Because it enables investors to predict both the revenues and expenditures that will be spent at the institution. To ensure that the healthcare organization can both accomplish its medical goals and. ……….See More

MBA FPX5014 Assessment 1 Financial Ration Assessment

Capella University

The current report aims to explore and analyze the organization’s financial health and future recommendations. The current scenario relates to Maria Gomez who is the is founder and president of ABC Healthcare Corporation. The organization owns several hospitals and surgical centers to provide urgent care to patients. The owner called the professional team….…….See More

MHA FPX 5017 Assessment 4 Execeutive Summary Presenting Statistical Results for Decision Making

Capella University

Hi my name is [Your Name] and today I will present the statistical results for Villa Health scenario of HACs (Hospital Acquired Conditions). CMS, on yearly basis, analyzes total HACs score to evaluate the overall productivity and …..…….See More

MHA FPX5017 Assessment 1 Descriptive Statistics and Data Visualizations

Capella University

The management of a care home is evaluating data gathered over a 70-month time frame to decide whether a transition in leadership is needed. They intend to ascertain this through an examination of their own primary targets…..…….See More

NURS FPX6004 Assessment 3 Policy Proposal Presentation

Capella University

Hello everyone, my name is [Student Name]  and today the topic of my presentation is policy proposal for avoiding medication errors. This is to propose a policy and guidelines to encourage safe medication administration for health care facilities. This is extremely vital………….See More

NURS FPX6008 Assessment 3 Implementation Plan for a New Economic Opportunity

Capella University

This report covers the implementation plan that involves creating a new initiative for the healthcare initiative that was started by the Prime Medical Center related to the establishment of a new organization. …..…….See More

NURS FPX6016 Assessment 2 Quality Improvement Initiative Evaluation

Capella University

Hello everyone, this is Melanie Tromblee and today we are going to discuss quality improvement evaluation. This presentation will highlight the importance of nurses in the healthcare sector for quality improvement (QI) and interprofessional…..…….See More

NURS FPX6016 Assessment 3 Data Analysis and Quality Improvement Initiative Proposal

Capella University

Healthcare professionals are constantly looking for ways to improve the level of care and security they offer to their patients. For a stable platform of quality treatment and patient experience, a working environment that supports leadership, evidence-based work, open communication, and inter-disciplinary…..…….See More

NURS FPX6017 Assessment 3 Curriculum Evaluation

Capella University

Curriculum assessment is a fundamental period of educational program improvement. Through assessment, personnel finds whether the curriculum is satisfying its motivation and whether understudies are really learning. Curriculum assessment is a vital and significant part of any national education system………….See More

NURS FPX6021 Assessment 2 Change Strategy and Implementation

Capella University

Among the most important components of providing healthcare is change management since it enables healthcare professionals to maintain their skills and ability. In order to make sure that the implemented change remains valuable and relevant, healthcare professionals must manage complexities and tactics………….See More

NURS FPX6024 Assessment 2 Population Health Policy Proposal

Capella University

Technology enhances the ability of healthcare professionals to boost ability to improve patient care outcomes. This policy proposal relates to vulnerable population of patients who are above 50 and need the best practices to reduce the healthcare………….See More

NURS FPX6026 Assessment 2 Biopsychosocial Population Health Policy Proposal

Capella University

 The advancements in science and technology have helped the physicians and medical staff for the improvement of not only treatment options but also better care plans for the patients.  This strategy proposition connects with a weak populace of patients who are over 50 and need the prescribed procedures………….See More

NURS FPX6030 Assessment 2 PICO (T) and an Evidence-Based Approach

Capella University

The purpose of this report is to provide an analysis of the healthcare problem in the organization that uses the most viable intervention-comparison-outcome-time (PICOT) approach. The PICOT is a framework which often applies to problems in the healthcare industries. Due to rising cases of………….See More

NURS FPX6111 Assessment 3 Course Evaluation Template

Capella University

This course evaluation sheet is made to enable students to give course-related comments at the end of the learning process. The end-of-the-course evaluation (EOCE) is a survey that will be used as a tool for assessment to evaluate the course’s goals, content, and effectiveness from the viewpoint of the learners………….See More

NURS FPX6210 Assessment 1 Care Setting Environmental Analysis

Capella University

Several factors combine to make a healthcare organization perform at its best. The Healthcare industry is quite vast and is always a necessary organization in every country, investing and improving it should be the goal of businessmen and government. It is safe to say that there is no………….See More

NURS FPX6212 Assessment 1 Quality and Safety Gap Analysis

Capella University

Unsecure care leads to avoidable adverse events in the medical center. Their predominance is a result of medical institutions’ generally high standards for patient safety and quality of care. These incidents are included among the top 10 global causes of mortality and disability (Cuzco et al., 2021)…….…….See More

NHS FPX6216 Assessment 4 Capital Budget Healthcare

Capella University

In today’s health care environment, the purchase of captain equipment is crucial for meeting needs. Organizational require better technologies to improve their outcomes and the need for a capital budget also increases because investing in capital budget and technology is anon ongoing process to create a safe…….…….See More

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